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Licensed General Contractor - Santa Clara, CA

Selecting a licensed general contractor in Santa Clara for your residential project is not merely about convenience; it’s about trusting a skilled professional to coordinate every aspect of your project perfectly.

Our team of seasoned professionals ensures that from the first design to the final touches, the project upholds the highest criteria of quality and safety.

We provide stress relief for homeowners, ensuring that projects are smooth, within budget, and completed on time.

Allocate your time and resources wisely for a professional finish that reflects your lifestyle.

Imagine Unique Remodels

Transforming Your Lifestyle Into Your Home

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Why Choose Us Imagine Unique as Your General Contractor in Santa Clara, CA?

  • The Only General Contractor Company Offering 3 Years Service Warranty for Your Peace of Mind

  • Proudly Family-Owned and Operated

  • Specializes in Residential Projects

  • Over 20 Years of Experience in the Construction Industry

  • Licensed and Insured

  • 5-Star Client Reviews

  • Serves Santa Clara, CA

General Contractor Services Offered:

Exterior Finishing

Interior Finishing




Attic Insulation

Decks and Patio

Foundations and Concrete

Main Electrical Panel Replacement

Home Generator Installation

Our Process

At Imagine Unique, our approach to bringing your project to life is streamlined and stress-free, from our initial conversation to the project's successful completion.

Business Owner

Initial Consultation

Our procedure at Imagine Unique opens with an initial phone conversation to accurately understand your project requirements and aspirations. We'll also talk about setting a date for the on-site consultation that fits your schedule.

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On-Site Consultations

Our practice of facilitating in-person consultations at your Santa Clara home ensures we comprehend the distinct needs of your space and directly address any concerns. This individualized tactic guarantees that our services are crafted to fit your precise needs.

Design & Construction Estimate

Receive a comprehensive briefing on design and construction costs, including scope of work, materials, and a transparent cost outline. Our mission is to ensure your complete project insight.

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Permits Acquisition

We'll manage the paperwork burden, so you can dedicate time to other important issues. Our team guarantees the rapid and efficient securing of permits, ensuring timely project delivery.

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Throughout the development of your Santa Clara project, we aim to work closely with you, ensuring the project is completed to your exact standards. Our pride in attention to detail and striving for excellence means you'll be fully satisfied with the end result.


Finishing Touches

Our commitment to precision in the finishing touches ensures your vision is realized.

Testimonials and Reviews

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What kind of construction services do you provide in Santa Clara, California? 

In Santa Clara, we offer a broad spectrum of construction services tailored to meet the needs of our clients. We specialize in residential construction and renovations. Our team has the skills and resources to bring your vision to life.

2. How do you ensure your construction projects in Santa Clara adhere to local building regulations? 

Our team is well-versed in Santa Clara’s building codes and regulations, ensuring that every project we undertake complies fully with local requirements. We maintain a proactive approach by staying updated on any changes in regulations and working closely with local authorities. This commitment helps prevent any compliance issues and ensures a smooth construction process from start to finish.

3. Can you incorporate energy-efficient and sustainable solutions into my project in Santa Clara? 

Absolutely! Sustainability and energy efficiency are key considerations in all our projects. We specialize in integrating sustainable solutions, such as solar energy panels, energy-efficient lighting, and water-saving fixtures, to help reduce the environmental impact of your project while also saving on energy costs in the long term. Our team will work with you to identify the best sustainable practices that align with your project goals.

4. What is your process for handling changes or revisions during the construction phase in Santa Clara? 

We understand that changes and revisions are often a necessary part of the construction process. Our approach is flexible and client-focused, ensuring open and clear communication throughout the project lifecycle. Should you request changes, we promptly assess the impact on the project's timeline and budget and communicate these details clearly. Our priority is to accommodate your needs while maintaining the highest standards of quality and efficiency.

5. How do you manage communication with clients during construction projects in Santa Clara? 

Effective communication is fundamental to the success of any construction project. We use a variety of tools, including project management software, emails, and regular meetings, to keep our clients informed and engaged throughout the project duration. Our project managers are always accessible to answer any questions and address concerns, ensuring a transparent and collaborative partnership from the project's conception to its completion.

Fun Fact about Santa Clara, CA

Santa Clara, at the heart of Silicon Valley, boasts the Levi's Stadium, a state-of-the-art facility that not only serves as the home of the San Francisco 49ers but also as a venue for a variety of major events including concerts, college football games, and the Super Bowl. Beyond sports, the stadium is noteworthy for its sustainability efforts, including a green roof, solar panels, and sustainable landscaping, making it one of the most eco-friendly and technologically advanced stadiums in the world.

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