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Complete Bathroom Remodeling Services in Los Altos Hills, CA

Are you dealing with a bathroom that has poor ventilation, resulting in a stuffy and unwelcoming environment? Is outdated plumbing a constant source of trouble, or does the limited space make your bathroom feel cramped and disorganized?

These common bathroom hurdles can make a soothing space a daily annoyance. Ventilation issues cause odors and mold, threatening health. Old plumbing leads to leaks, and lack of space hampers storage and mobility, reducing the room's appeal as a relaxation haven.

Transform your bathroom into your dream oasis with Imagine Unique. Our skilled team addresses ventilation challenges with innovative solutions that enhance airflow and minimize moisture, ensuring a pristine and healthy space.

We refurbish your plumbing with advanced, reliable fixtures that promise durability and efficiency over time. Our forward-thinking design strategies maximize space, presenting intelligent storage solutions and a spacious layout that enhances both practicality and visual appeal.

It's time to say goodbye to bathroom woes and hello to a luxurious, hassle-free experience. Contact us today and let us guide you in creating a bathroom that is not only beautiful but perfectly tailored to your lifestyle needs.

Imagine Unique Remodels

Transforming Your Lifestyle Into Your Home

Your Trusted Bathroom Remodeler in Los Altos Hills, CA

imagine unique remodels team

When seeking bathroom remodeling in Los Altos Hills, Imagine Unique is the optimal selection.

With a distinctive mix of innovation and craftsmanship, we ensure every project meets the highest standards, backed by our exclusive 3-year service warranty in the Bay Area for your peace of mind.

With an experience of over 20 years in the industry, Imagine Unique is family-owned and operated, delivering personalized service and excellence in every project. Our dedication to deep-rooted values distinguishes us from other bathroom remodeling companies.

Viewing the bathroom as more than just a utilitarian space, we see it as a daily sanctuary. This perspective drives our focus on every detail, from premium materials to contemporary design trends and technological advancements.

From our first meeting to discuss your ideas and preferences, to the final details that give your bathroom its unique character, we partner with you to realize your vision.

No matter if you desire a cutting-edge, sleek bathroom or a comforting, traditional retreat, our skilled team is here to make your vision a success.

When you select Imagine Unique, you are committing to a bathroom remodel that contributes to your home's overall worth and enhances your daily living experience.

Why Choose Imagine Unique as Your Bathroom Remodeler in Los Altos Hills, CA

The Only Kitchen Remodeling Company Offering 3 Years Service Warranty for Your Peace of Mind

Proudly Family-Owned and Operated

Specializes in Residential Projects

Over 20 Years of Experience in the Construction Industry

Licensed and Insured

5-Star Client Reviews

    Serves Los Altos Hills, CA

Start your bathroom remodel today!

Call us now for your free initial consultation!

What Residents in Bay Area Say About Imagine Unique

We Provide Complete Bathroom Remodeling Services including:

Design Consultation


Plumbing Work

Electrical Work



Flooring Installation

Ventilation Installation

Fixture Installation


Insulation Installation


Accessibility Modifications

Final Touches

Drywall and Painting

Busy today? No worries, we got you!

Schedule and Book your Over-the-Phone Initial Consultation with us using the link below.

Our Process for Bathroom Remodeling in Los Altos Hills, CA

At Imagine Unique, we make your project vision come to life with a streamlined approach, from the first meeting to the final touches, ensuring a stress-free process.

Business Owner

Initial Consultation

At Imagine Unique, our process starts by getting to know your project needs and goals through an initial phone consultation. We'll also schedule the on-site consultation according to your convenience.

2- annual inspection-2.webp

On-Site Consultations

By offering consultations directly in your Los Altos Hills home, we can accurately assess the needs of your space and address any issues firsthand. Our personalized service model allows us to adjust our offerings to meet your specific requirements.

Design & Construction Estimate

Secure a thorough design and construction estimate, detailing scope, materials involved, and a transparent cost analysis. We strive to provide complete project understanding.

3- 10 yr warranty-2.webp

Permits Acquisition

We'll take over the paperwork duties, saving you time for more significant tasks. Trust us to obtain all permits promptly and efficiently, delivering your project within the agreed timeline.

workers 3.webp


During the construction of your project in Los Altos Hills, we commit to a partnership approach, ensuring your vision is realized to your specifications. Our attention to detail and commitment to quality are unmatched, and we stand by the satisfaction you'll feel with the completed project.


Finishing Touches

The final touches make your vision a reality, with our team dedicated to meeting your expectations.

Frequently Asked Questions to Imagine Unique as a Bathroom Remodeler in Los Altos Hills

1. What is the typical cost range for a bathroom remodel in Los Altos Hills?

The typical cost for a bathroom remodel in Los Altos Hills can vary widely based on the scope of the project, choice of materials, and labor costs. Homeowners generally spend between $20,000 and $45,000 for a comprehensive bathroom renovation.

2. How long does it take to remodel a bathroom in Los Altos Hills?

A bathroom remodeling project in Los Altos Hills generally takes between 6 to 10 weeks to complete. The timeline can vary depending on the complexity of the design, availability of materials, and scheduling of contractors.

3. What are the most popular bathroom design trends in Los Altos Hills?

Popular bathroom design trends in Los Altos Hills include luxurious spa-inspired features, floating vanities, expansive walk-in showers with frameless glass, integrated smart home technology, and the use of high-end, sustainable materials.

4. Do you offer personalized design services for bathroom remodeling in Los Altos Hills?

Yes, we offer tailored design services for bathroom remodeling in Los Altos Hills. Our expert design team works closely with clients to create customized bathroom spaces that combine aesthetics with functionality to meet your specific needs and preferences.

5. What factors should I consider when choosing a bathroom remodeling contractor in Los Altos Hills?

When selecting a bathroom remodeling contractor in Los Altos Hills, it is essential to review their experience, portfolio of past projects, customer testimonials, and ensure they carry necessary licenses and insurance. Clear communication and detailed project proposals are also key aspects to consider for a successful remodel.

Fun Fact about Los Altos Hills, CA

Los Altos Hills, California, is celebrated for its secluded, pastoral landscapes that contrast sharply with the Silicon Valley hustle. Among its hidden gems is the Westwind Community Barn, a rustic, yet charming facility nestled within the town's rolling hills. This landmark is not just a nod to the area's equestrian heritage but also a vibrant community hub, hosting various events, from riding lessons and camps to elegant outdoor weddings, embodying the town's commitment to preserving its rural charm amidst technological advancement.

Featured Article

Maximizing Small Bathrooms: Tricks of the Trade from Professional Remodelers

Maximizing space and functionality in small bathrooms is a challenge that many homeowners face. However, with the right strategies and expert insights, even the most compact bathrooms can be transformed into stylish, efficient, and comfortable spaces. This article delves into professional remodelers' top tricks for making the most out of small bathrooms, ensuring you achieve an optimized and aesthetically pleasing design.

Effective Space Planning

The foundation of a successful small bathroom remodel lies in comprehensive space planning. Professional remodelers emphasize the importance of mapping out each element, considering both functionality and flow. Opt for space-saving solutions such as corner sinks, wall-mounted faucets, and compact fixtures to create a sense of openness. Utilize every inch wisely—think vertically and include high cabinets or shelving to maximize storage without encroaching on floor space.

Opt for Light and Neutral Colors

Color plays a significant role in visually expanding a small bathroom. Light and neutral colors, such as whites, beiges, and pastels, reflect light and give the illusion of a larger space. Professional remodelers often recommend incorporating glossy or semi-gloss finishes, which can enhance light reflection. Complement these hues with subtle contrasts and textures to add depth without overwhelming the room.

Prioritize Storage Solutions

Clever storage solutions are crucial in small bathrooms. Incorporate built-in shelves, recessed niches, and floating vanities to keep surfaces clutter-free. Utilizing over-the-toilet shelving or wall-mounted cabinets can provide ample storage for toiletries and towels while maintaining a tidy and organized space. We often suggest multi-functional furniture, like vanity mirrors with integrated storage, to optimize usability.

Select Compact and Multi-Functional Fixtures

Choosing the right fixtures can make a significant difference in a small bathroom. Space-saving options such as corner showers, wall-hung toilets, and compact bathtubs are ideal for conserving space. As a professional remodeler, we also recommend multi-functional fixtures like combination shower-bathtubs or vanities with integrated sinks. These choices not only save space but also enhance the room's overall functionality.

Use Large Mirrors

Mirrors are a tried-and-tested trick for creating the illusion of a larger space. Opt for large mirrors that extend to the ceiling or cover an entire wall to reflect more light and make the room feel more spacious. Frameless mirrors or mirrored cabinets provide additional storage while maintaining a sleek and seamless appearance.

Incorporate Smart Lighting

Lighting is a game-changer in small bathroom design. Adequate lighting, particularly natural light, can make a small bathroom appear larger and more inviting. Combine ambient, task, and accent lighting to achieve a well-lit space. As a professional remodeler, we often suggest installing skylights or light tubes to introduce natural light. Additionally, incorporating LED lights beneath shelves and cabinets adds a modern touch and enhances visibility.

Utilize Glass and Reflective Surfaces

Glass and reflective surfaces can significantly enhance the sense of space in a small bathroom. Clear glass shower enclosures, rather than opaque or frosted ones, help maintain an open feel. Incorporate reflective materials like polished tile or metallic accents to bounce light around the room, adding brightness and a touch of luxury.

Create a Focal Point

Drawing attention to a single focal point can detract from the small dimensions of the bathroom. As a professional remodeler, we often suggest installing an eye-catching feature, such as a designer vanity, a stylish mirror, or an accent wall with unique tiles. This strategy creates visual interest and adds personality to the space without cluttering it.

Keep It Minimalist

Clutter can quickly make a small bathroom feel cramped. Embrace a minimalist approach by prioritizing what you need and eliminating excess. Keep surfaces clear and maintain clean, simple lines in your design choices. We advise avoiding overly ornate fixtures and opting for sleek, streamlined ones to maintain a sense of order and spaciousness.

Maximizing a small bathroom involves strategic planning, creative solutions, expert design techniques, guidance from an experienced remodeler like Imagine Unique. By focusing on effective space planning, utilizing light and neutral colors, and selecting compact and multi-functional fixtures, you can transform your small bathroom into a stylish and functional oasis. Incorporating smart lighting, clever storage, and reflective surfaces further enhances the sense of space. With these professional tricks of the trade, your small bathroom can achieve its full potential, providing comfort and efficiency in style.

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