Wood-Like Tiles for Bathroom

Updated: Aug 26

Do Wood-like Tiles Give Bathroom Remodeling Unique Appeal?

Currently, the construction and remodeling industries are seeing a lot of demand for wood-look tiles. Whereas conventional hardwood or wood laminate floors previously predominated, walls and floors are now covered with ceramic and porcelain tiles.

In any place with a lot of exposure to the outdoors, wood-like tiles are not only attractive but also useful. The new tile patterns combine tile's great durability with hardwood's classic beauty. In the present era, they are ideal for bathroom remodeling.

Bathroom Remodels - Imagine Unique

In most places, sales of porcelain and ceramic tiles designed to resemble wood have already surpassed the 25% mark, which was predicted for as early as 2017. At the moment, it represents up to 40% of all buyer requests. Realtors claim that it's also well-liked by home buyers, increasing a home's resale value.

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Imagine Unique Remodels LLC.

Bathroom Remodel - Imagine Unique

There are a few things to consider if you intend to replace your bathroom with wood-look tiles in the future:

It has a distinctive look and feels.

- A variety of people find it appealing.

- Raise the resale value of your house

- Tiles will only need modest upkeep compared to other materials, and

- Wood-look tiles could cost more than other choices.

This bathroom was remodeled by

Imagine Unique Remodels LLC.


Wood effect tiles will be perfectly combined with every type of decoration. It brings slightly of nature to your space and may even become the flagship element of your decoration, whether it's Scandinavian, minimalist, contemporary, or more traditional. looking at the aesthetic effect you decide on, ceramic parquet tiles can soften the atmosphere, but may provide a lot of character to your space while making it extremely warm and friendly.

Wood may be a material that may be combined with many others like metal or stone, as an example. The latter can create surprising associations with wood effect ceramic tiles, which might be laid not only on floors but also on walls, and also the result gives a recent and style look to your space. The numerous reminder parquet tiles also result in the creation of pleasant color combinations, and therefore the color of wooden effect tiles that you just choose establishes the design of your space.

Technological advances now make it possible to provide wood-style tiles with more original colors like grey, which is usually harder to search out in natural wood. Thus, grey wood effect tiles lighten and refresh your room where an environment of rest and luxury reigns. On the opposite hand, for a more authentic look with more character, dark colors or antique aspects are to be preferred.

Your space is going to be even more unique and these wood look tiles are true witnesses of the passing of your time. If you favor a more elegant and chic style, you'll choose black wood effect tiles of a really intense black color to focus on the remainder of the space and make contrasts with the color of your walls and also the elements in your decoration.

Finally, bleached or warmer colors like taupe or honey bring softness and heat to your room and beige wooden tiles are perfectly suited to a Scandinavian and minimalist style during which wood is an integral part. In this way, any combination is possible!


Wood is well-known for its unique and incomparable appearance, but also for its maintenance that's often defined as long, tedious, and constant. But choosing parquet effect tiles means choosing the varied advantages of ceramic.