What Is a Bathroom Vanity?

Updated: Aug 3

A bathroom vanity is more than just a cabinet with a sink in it. It's a relaxing space where you can wash your face every morning and evening, occasionally wash your hands, and even shave, style your hair, apply makeup, and, most importantly, brush your teeth. It's also where you keep all of the tools you'll need for your daily routine, as well as additional bathroom and cleaning supplies.

Bathroom Vanities Come in a Variety of Styles

The classic vanity is a wall-mounted rectangular cabinet with a large open space below the sink for plumbing. Doors to hide the plumbing and storage, as well as drawers for amenities, are common features. Some of the most uncommon ones are as follows:

1. Wall-hung- With or without a skirt, a whole cabinet or just a countertop fixed on the wall. Because it provides the legroom that wheelchair users require to reach the sink, this form of vanity is common among ADA-compliant vanities.

2. A little triangular vanity in a corner might just have one door and just enough space to house the sink plumbing.

3. A piece of furniture that is set against a wall but is not fastened to it is referred to as "freestanding." An antique dresser that has been adapted to support a vessel sink is an example.

4. With a sink countertop supported by legs, a console vanity is a throwback to the old dressing table. The space beneath has been left uncovered to reveal the plumbing.

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