The Pandemic Is the Perfect Time to Remodel Your Home

Updated: Mar 21


Things change rapidly, and here we are in April 2021, a little taken aback by how much our lives have changed since the pandemic struck last year. During the hectic periods of adjusting to this new way of life, you may have put off your makeover plans. You may be working from home, distance teaching your children at home, or working as an essential worker all over the world (in which case your home has become your sanctuary). Perhaps your adult children have returned home, or your college-aged children are staying with you indefinitely.

As a Construction Company in the Bay area, we are getting flooded with phone calls even during the pandemic, for everything from kitchen and bathroom remodels, to whole home renovations to additions.

Why this is the best time to Remodel

Here are the reasons for the calls we are receiving, directly from our client's mouths.

  • Vacations are postponed or canceled, allowing you to save money for your home.

  • You discover the environment isn't conducive to work, cooking, or living with a larger family after spending so much time at home.

  • Because your children have returned home from college, the space isn't as functional as it should be.

  • You work from home, your children attend distance learning classes from home, and there isn't enough private area for everyone to work.

  • You now eat the majority of your meals with your family at home, and the walls dividing your kitchen from your family or living room are no longer conducive to your new family life.

  • You want to knock down walls to make a room that is brighter, more open, and more enjoyable to be in.

  • If you want to make your area more suitable for multi-generational living, consider the following scenarios:

  • For daycare, some individuals are moving in with their grandparents.

  • During the pandemic, some older folks require aid or company because they are lonely.

  • I'm working from home in a closet or the laundry area, and I need a proper office!

Family Time Is Even More Important During the Pandemic

Our most frequent request is to create inviting family spaces by removing walls and creating open-plan kitchen and living areas.


Work From Home Is the New Normal

  • We created a primary bedroom/bathroom addition with a laundry room. This allowed us to remodel the original laundry room into a home office.

  • We enclosed loft spaces at the top of stair spaces to create a more private and soundproof office option for those Zoom calls.

  • For our empty-nest clients, we turned the adult children’s bedrooms into offices for each spouse.

  • Turn that unused space in the corner of the kitchen into a full virtual learning spot for the kids

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