9 Modern Bathroom Remodeling Tips

Updated: Aug 2

A bathroom makeover is a time-consuming process. It can become so expensive that taking the initial step can be daunting.

Bathroom Remodel - Imagine Unique

It's also a sizable commitment, enough to make most individuals think twice before jumping in blindly. On the other hand, you can't begrudge others for wanting to improve their bathroom facilities; after all, it's satisfying to put your own particular imprint on your home.

A well-done bathroom transforms into an attractive and soothing retreat, but a poorly-done bathroom serves as a daily reminder of low-quality materials and bad workmanship. As a result, there are certain important bathroom renovation dos and don'ts to follow in order to turn your bathroom into an oasis.

Bathroom Remodel - Imagine Unique


Search For Design Inspiration First

Every bathroom makeover project, especially ones with a high budget, begins with a strategy. You must have a specific strategy for the new layout you want to attain for your bathroom before beginning the physical components of the project, such as installing a rainforest shower or pulling up flooring. You don't have to stick to a single design. Feel free to experiment with different styles until you find one that you like.

Set Extra Budget For Bathroom Renovation

When planning your bathroom renovation, as with any remodeling project, it's a good idea to set aside money for unanticipated costs. For example, a bathroom renovation could reveal hidden issues such as mildew damage or mold behind your shower walls that had previously gone undiscovered. If you run into these unforeseen problems, you'll need a contingency budget in both money and time to cope with them.

Consider Going Green

If you're thinking of renovating your bathroom as an investment, you'll be pleased to learn that it has a significant ROI (Return on Investment). As a result, use and install efficient and ecologically friendly fixtures to get the most out of your restoration job. Toilets, faucets, and showerheads are just a few of the common fixtures that now feature environmentally friendly seals. Using them will not only improve the appearance of your bathroom but will also increase the worth of it immediately.

Bathroom Remodel - Imagine Unique

Put Appropriate Lighting and Ventilation

A conventional bathroom has limited space and is unlikely to have large windows for ventilation or abundant natural light. As a result, consider how to ventilate the moisture and steam produced by showers and hot baths while also allowing adequate light to enter the room. Take advantage of your renovation project to enhance your bathroom's ventilation system if it already has one. You can either install a window or a ceiling-mounted vent fan.


Hire The Rock-Bottom Labor Cost

The cost of any restoration project is a big consideration. However, before hiring a contractor or designer because of a low price tag, consider this project as an investment. Depending on the scope of your restoration job, you may have to do things like electrical wiring and plumbing at the same time. Both of these things can be pricey. Be aware of companies that promise a speedy turnaround at a low cost. Skilled trades aren't cheap, and there's a reason for it. The good ones are also knowledgeable about building standards and regulations and know what they're doing. Don't cut corners on quality; otherwise, you