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We have over 20 years of experience in the home improvement and construction industry in Glenwood and The Greater Bay Area. Imagine Unique Remodels is a general contractor specialized in bath and kitchen remodels.

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About Glenwood, CA

Glenwood, California is an unincorporated area of Santa Cruz County. This historic community, registered as a California Historical Landmark, was founded by Charles C. Martin, who came around Cape Horn in 1847, and his wife, Hannah Carver Martin, who crossed the Isthmus of Panama.

Charles Martin first homesteaded the area in 1851 and operated a tollgate and station for stagecoaches crossing the mountains.


Later he developed a lumber mill, winery, store, and the Glenwood Resort Hotel. It was known as Martinsville from its foundation in 1851 until the establishment of the post office on August 23, 1880.

Glenwood was a stop on the narrow gauge South Pacific Coast Railroad (SPC), which began service from Alameda (north terminus, with a ferry to San Francisco) to Felton in 1880. 

To minimize length and steepness, six tunnels were dug through ridges of the Santa Cruz Mountains. Tunnel Number 2 exited at Glenwood and Tunnel Number 3 exited from just south of Glenwood.

There are also many corporate headquarters located in Glenwood, which makes it a great place to work.

The railroad was acquired in the 1880s by the Southern Pacific, which broad-gauged the line in the early 1900s. The April 18, 1906 San Francisco earthquake twisted some of the rails and damaged bridges and tunnels along the line.

Glenwood officially "disappeared" with the closing of the Glenwood U.S. post office in 1954. Mrs. Margaret Koch, a well-known local-history author and great-granddaughter of founder Charles Martin, served as Glenwood's last postmistress.

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